Ancient Map Csgo Complete Guide

Ancient Map CSGO is the newest addition to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) map pool. It is characterized by a unique style and a green environment that is sure to challenge players of all levels. This map features three main areas-A Site, B Site, and Middle-each with their own distinct characteristics that require players to understand the map’s angles and strategies.

CTs are strongly advantaged by gaining early control and should play aggressively to maintain map control. Ts should use utility properly to counter a B take.

This article will provide a complete guide to Ancient Map CSGO, including:

  • An overview of the map layout
  • CT advantages
  • T side tactics.

Overview and Layout

Ancient CSGO is a recent and controversial addition to the CS:GO map pool. It features a unique green setting and a map layout consisting of three main areas: A Site, B Site, and Middle.

The bombsites and corridors in Ancient CSGO differ from typical three-lane maps. The Middle area resembles Caches Middle Highway but plays differently.

CTs have an advantage in Ancient CSGO due to gaining map control early and challenging angles, particularly in passageways. A Site has limited cover from aggressive pushes from Tomb, while B Site is more enclosed and close-quarters. Controlling Sunroom is crucial for CTs to prevent B take.

Ts should use utility properly to drive CTs off B Site. To excel in Ancient CSGO, players must understand the layout and angles.

CT Advantages

Advantages for the Counter-Terrorists (CTs) on Ancient CSGO include gaining map control early and challenging angles, particularly in passageways. The CTs benefit from:

  1. Being able to push players out of Sunroom in Catwalk area.
  2. Having A Site located next to CT Spawn, thus providing an initial advantage.
  3. Being able to challenge players with hard angles in passageways.

In addition, the CTs can take control of B Site using Molotov cocktails and flash grenades. This helps to counter any attempt by the Terrorists (Ts) to take control of the site.

Furthermore, understanding the layout and angles of the map is necessary for effective gameplay. By utilizing these strategies, CTs can gain the upper hand and control early.

T Side Tactics

Terrorists on Ancient should employ utility properly to drive Counter-Terrorists off B Site. B Site is enclosed and close-quartered, making it difficult for CTs to hold. To counter this, Ts should utilize flashbangs and Molotov Cocktails to smoke out the CTs and take control. Ts should also use angles to their advantage, taking note of the limited cover from aggressive pushes from Tomb. The table below provides an overview of the advantages and disadvantages for both sides on this map.

Advantage Disadvantage
CTs can gain map control early Lack of hiding places for Ts
Challenging angles for CTs Limited cover from aggressive push from Tomb
CTs can push players out of Sunroom Molotov cocktails and flash grenades can counter B take
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