Benefactor Feltzer Gta 5 Location, Design & Performance

The Benefactor Feltzer is a luxury sports car based on the Mercedes-Benz SL65 that appears in the popular video game Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5).

This car comes in both convertible and coupe variants, and features a large body kit that resembles the AMG Black Series version.

The Benefactor Feltzer is an expensive car, costing $145,000, however, players may be able to find it in the game world.

This article will discuss strategies for finding the Benefactor Feltzer, as well as online rewards for delivering the car to Simeon Yeterian.

Additionally, this article will discuss the design and performance of the Benefactor Feltzer.

Car Overview

The Benefactor Feltzer in Grand Theft Auto 5 is based on the Mercedes-Benz SL65 and features a larger bodykit resembling the AMG Black Series version, available as both a convertible and coupe. It is a high-performance car that appears sophisticated and bold.

In addition, it can be bought for $145,000 or may occasionally spawn in the game world. It is based on the CLK in Grand Theft Auto IV and is a desirable vehicle for players due to its speed and handling.

It can be found in Rockford Hills, near street race locations, Galileo Observatory parking lot, and Vinewood Hills traffic. The car is quite difficult to find, so players must cycle between locations in order to increase their chances of finding it.

Finding Strategies

Successfully locating the vehicle requires employing certain strategies. Players should expect to circle around Rockford Hills, Galileo Observatory, and Vinewood Hills traffic areas multiple times to find it. Blocking the car with another vehicle is a good strategy and can help prevent citizens from fleeing when the player steals the car. Once found, the player needs to lose wanted level before delivering the car to Simeon. Additionally, it is important to respray the car at Los Santos Customs to avoid detection.

Strategy Description
Circle Rockford Hills Circling around Rockford Hills multiple times to find the Feltzer
Block Car Blocking the car with another vehicle to prevent citizens from fleeing
Respray Respraying the car at Los Santos Customs to avoid detection
Lose Wanted Level Losing the wanted level before delivering the car to Simeon
Cycle Locations Cycling between Rockford Hills and the observatory to increase chances of finding it

Online Rewards

Players who deliver the vehicle to Simeon can earn cash and experience points. The amount of cash and experience points depend on the condition of the vehicle. Additionally, players are rewarded for completing the task in a certain amount of time.

In GTA Online, the Benefactor Feltzer is one of the cars that can be requested by Simeon Gideon after reaching a certain rank. By completing this task, players can earn a substantial amount of cash and experience points.

The Benefactor Feltzer is a desirable vehicle due to its luxurious design and its high performance. As such, it often spawns in the Rockford Hills neighborhood and near street race locations. Players can also find the car in the Galileo Observatory parking lot and Vinewood Hills traffic. To increase the chances of finding the car, players can cycle between these areas.

Once the car is found, players can lose their wanted level and respray it at Los Santos Customs. After this, they can deliver it to Simeon and receive the rewards.

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