Brickade Gta 5 Truck Guide

The Brickade 66 is a customizable variant of the Brickade truck featured in the popular video game Grand Theft Auto 5. This vehicle is characterized by its 66 drive layout, strong traction, and excellent handling.

Additionally, the Brickade 66 is an armored mobile laboratory that can take as much punishment as other vehicles in the game. Its interior features several modifications, including a Manchez Scout C prop on the rear loader and an Acid Lab accessible through the right-side door.

This article will explore the details of the Brickade 66, its interior, and its performance and durability.

Vehicle Details

The Brickade 66 is a customizable variant of the Brickade truck that exhibits a similar profile and structure, but with modifications including:

  • Removal of roof panels and blacked-out rear compartment windows.
  • Number plate holder on the rear end and a Manchez Scout C prop on the rear loader.
  • Acid Lab accessible through the right-side door on the rear compartment.
  • Equipment Upgrade adds a vent on the top of the back module.

The color scheme for the vehicle is the same as the standard version, with:

  • Primary color on the upper side, rear bullbar, and interior stitching.
  • Secondary color on the lower side, front tire arches, and front bullbar.
  • Heavy-duty rims with a distinct design, and tough off-road tires, complete the vehicle’s look.

The interior consists of:

  • Small space equipped with Acid Lab equipment.
  • Mutt occupying the majority of the box’s rearmost portion.
  • Table with chemicals for production boosting.
  • Supplies located on the left side of the frontal section.
  • Product located on the right side.
  • Access door allows for entry to and exit from the lab.
  • Radio player placed next to the lab’s door.

Interior Details

Inside the customizable variant of the vehicle, an array of Acid Lab equipment is situated in a small interior. A Mutt occupies the rearmost portion of the box, while a table with chemicals for production boosting is situated to the left side of the frontal section. To the right side, a product is stored within reach. An access door allows exit from the lab or entry to the cabin, with a radio player situated next to it. The engine sounds are similar to those of standard trucks.

Feature Description
Mutt Occupies majority of box’s rearmost portion
Table Chemicals for production boosting
Supplies Left side of frontal section
Product Right side of box
Access Door Exit from lab or entry to cabin
Radio Player Next to lab’s door

Performance and Durability

This vehicle boasts great traction with a 66 drive layout, making it one of the fastest large-sized trucks in the game. Upgrades can further improve its performance, with higher top speed and better acceleration.

The Brickade 66 has excellent collision durability, able to ram smaller vehicles without losing too much speed, and with armor upgrades, can take even more explosives. Passengers can hang on the sides and use weapons, though the vehicle is susceptible to crashes and gunfire.

It can also endure significant punishment, as much as vehicles like the Terrorbyte. All these factors make it a great choice for those seeking a powerful and durable truck.

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