Complete Guide To Mastering Pearl Map In Valorant

Pearl is a map featured in the popular shooter game, Valorant. It is often used as a substitute for Ascent and Haven, and is known for its numerous passageways and openings.

This map requires players to utilize a combination of communication, strategy, and skill in order to be successful.

The objective of this guide is to provide an in-depth overview of Pearl, including mid-control, attacking, and defending, to help players master this map.

It will also include advice on how to properly coordinate 5-man rushes and how to make the most of the wide entrance of the B-Site.

With the help of this guide, players will be able to develop the necessary skills to outplay their opponents on Pearl.

Overview of Pearl

Pearl is an alternative map in the Valorant game, constructed with numerous smaller passageways and openings in the walls, that is often substituted for Ascent and Haven maps.

It is strategically advantageous to players due to its complex layout, which makes for a more dynamic experience.

The map is composed of various pathways, which can be exploited to gain an upper-hand in the game.

Furthermore, Pearl is equipped with a variety of callouts, which players can use to coordinate strategies and tactics.

Thus, Pearl is an effective tool for players to gain an advantage in the game.

Its layout allows for unique strategies, and its callouts permit the team to communicate efficiently.


Gaining and maintaining mid-control on the map requires the utilization of smokes and damage effectiveness. To do this effectively, there are several strategies that should be employed:

  • Making use of smokes to limit vision of the enemy and gain a positional advantage.

  • Utilizing positioning to maximize damage taken by the enemy while minimizing damage taken by the team.

  • Taking advantage of environmental features to limit enemy movement and create advantageous choke points.

  • Coordinating with teammates to create a cohesive strategy that can be executed quickly and efficiently.

  • Utilizing utility to create a defensive wall that can be used to protect the team while they push forward.

Mid-control on Pearl requires thoughtful execution of these strategies in order to secure a victory.

Attacking and Defending

Attacking and defending on Pearl requires coordination and strategy in order to be successful. Attackers should opt for coordinated 5-man rushes, using smokes and damage effectiveness. Utility can be used to slow down attackers on A-Site, while long sight lines and a Tower provide for a challenging B-Site. Retaking A-Site requires approaches from multiple angles, while retaking B-Site needs countering the dominant strategy of planting and retreating. Agents such as Sentinel and Viper can be used to defend, while Sage walls and smoke grenades can aid attackers.

Attackers Defenders
5-man Rush Sentinel
Smokes Viper
Utility Sage Walls
Long Sight Lines Smoke Grenades
Tower Perimeter Defense
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