Do PS5 Controllers Work with a PS4?

In terms of PS5 and PC gaming, a DualSense controller is a great option. Can it, however, be used on a PS4 as well? Why not have a look?

DualSense lets you play PS4 games on a PS5, not PS5 games.

No, that’s the simplest response. A clever workaround exists, however. To help you, I’ve compiled the following list of information.

The PS5 Controller doesn’t work with PS4.

When connected directly, the DualSense Controller will not work on PS4 systems, and Sony made this explicit in a PlayStation Blog post. Even though the PS4 Controller is both forward and backward compatible with the PS5, the console manufacturer has not explained why this is the case.

You can use an intermediary if you only have a PS4 console and a DualSense controller (and no PS4 controller to play with).

Do PS5 Controllers Work with a PlayStation 4?

If your PS4 supports Remote Play, you can utilize the software on a PC or Mac. You can connect your DualSense Controller to your PC and utilize your PS5 Controller on your PS4 by using Remote Play.

Using the DualSense Controller on PlayStation 4 in the Difficult Way

No, a PS5 controller won’t work on a PS4.

Direct connection isn’t possible, but you can utilize a bridge such as a PS Remote Play-compatible device to make the connection. It’s not ideal, but it works.

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