How Long Is Gta 5 Story Mode

GTA 5 Story Mode is an open-world action-adventure game set in the fictional world of Los Santos, San Andreas. The game includes 79 missions in total, and can take anywhere from 20 to 80 hours to complete.

It combines linear and open gameplay, allowing players to switch between the three playable characters, Michael, Trevor, and Franklin.

Moreover, the game has been further expanded with hundreds of additional story missions and activities in GTA Online.

This article will explore how long GTA 5 Story Mode is, its mission structure, gameplay, and setting.

Duration and Missions

GTA 5 Story Mode Duration is estimated to be between 20-80 hours, depending on whether the player completes just the main story missions or all side missions.

GTA 5 has 79 story missions, the second-highest in the series. Main story missions typically take around 20-30 hours to complete, while main story and side missions can take up to 30-50 hours to finish.

Completing all available missions and activities can take up to 50-80 hours.

The game combines linear and open gameplay, allowing the player to switch between protagonists Michael, Trevor, and Franklin.

Additionally, various side missions such as Strangers and Freaks can be done at any time.

After finishing the story, players can access GTA Online, which has numerous story missions and activities that have received updates since 2013.

GTA 5 is set in Los Santos, a city in San Andreas, which is the same area featured in GTA: San Andreas.


Players in GTA 5 can experience a combination of linear and open gameplay, allowing them to freely switch between Michael, Trevor, and Franklin for some missions. These characters have distinct personalities and abilities that can be used to complete different objectives.

For example, Michael’s experience as a criminal makes him more effective in completing heists. Side missions, such as Strangers and Freaks, can be done anytime regardless of the character used.

The combination of linear and open gameplay gives players more control over their gaming experience. It also allows players to replay missions or find new ways of completing them, thus providing an immersive and varied experience.

GTA 5 also offers various optional activities such as robberies, car thefts, and races. All of these features add to the replay value of the game and make it more enjoyable for the players.


Set in the fictional state of San Andreas, GTA 5 takes place in the city of Los Santos. This city was previously visited in the game, GTA: San Andreas. The city has been recreated with modern-day landmarks and a bustling population, making it an ideal location for a GTA game.

Features of the city include:

  • A variety of neighborhoods with distinct characteristics
  • Numerous businesses and activities to explore
  • Iconic landmarks and attractions
  • An expansive countryside with rural areas and forests
  • A vibrant nightlife in the city center.
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