How To Complete Rdr2 Master Hunter 7 Challenge & Use Bait

The Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) Master Hunter 7 challenge is a difficult but rewarding task for gamers. Players must become accomplished hunters by tracking, killing, and skinning animals, including a Legendary Animal.

To maximize the success of the hunt, players can employ a number of tips and techniques. These include aiming for the head, throat, or heart of an animal to ensure clean kills, and the use of bait to attract herbivores and predators.

Additionally, Eagle Eye and Dead Eye abilities can be used to track and target animals.

Upon successful completion of the challenge, players can receive significant rewards, as well as a chance to win a free Steam key by subscribing to the newsletter.

Hunting Tips

Utilizing the Eagle Eye skill, tracking abilities, Dead Eye ability, and appropriate ammunition can be beneficial for successful hunting and subsequent completion of the RDR2 Master Hunter 7 Challenge.

Using Eagle Eye to track animals by accentuating their scent, and skinning them as soon as possible after killing them, can help prevent deterioration and obtain useful resources.

Tracking deer near Valentine can be achieved using the tracking abilities. Small game arrows or Varmint Hunting Rifle are recommended for perfect rabbit pelts.

Binoculars can help to study animals, and aiming for the head, throat, or heart can ensure clean kills. Dead Eye ability can be used to slow down time and target precisely.

Grizzly and black bears can be found in mountainous terrain, and cougars in mountainous regions. Catching fish without a fishing rod is possible by shooting them with a bow or small pistol.

Opossums can be captured by playing dead. The Giaguaro is a legendary panther found in Lemoyne, which must be tracked and defeated without being killed.


Creating bait to attract and kill herbivores and predators is an effective way to progress in the Master Hunter 7 challenge. Different bait should be used for different animals, with wild boar bait being particularly useful for quickly finishing the challenge.

Bait should be crafted according to the desired effect and used for the correct creatures. The bait can be used to lure animals into traps or to a specific area for a successful hunt. It is important to consider the type of bait and the animal’s behavior when using bait.

Additionally, the use of camouflage and quiet movement is necessary to ensure a successful hunt. Ultimately, bait is a useful tool for completing the Master Hunter 7 challenge and provides an opportunity to hone hunting skills.

Rewards and Conclusion

Upon completion of the challenges, significant rewards are earned. Players are awarded a new ability, new weapons, and new outfits. Achievements are also unlocked for completing the Master Hunter Challenge. Additionally, players receive an increase in honor, which unlocks access to more dialogue options with other characters.

These rewards provide a great incentive for players to complete the challenge. Furthermore, completing the Master Hunter Challenge gives players a greater appreciation for the world of RDR2 and the hunting and tracking skills required.

Lastly, some players may also win a free Steam key by subscribing to the newsletter. All in all, completing the Master Hunter Challenge is a rewarding and satisfying experience.

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