How To Connect A Xbox Controller To A Chromebook

The Xbox controller has undergone a multitude of advancements in recent years, making it increasingly small, ergonomic, and touch-sensitive.

It is compatible with Chromebooks and can be used to play games through Steam.

This article will provide a guide on how to connect an Xbox controller to a Chromebook, either through a USB cord or Bluetooth.

It is important to note that connecting via Bluetooth may require an additional driver and application.

Once connected, gamers can enjoy using their Xbox controller on their Chromebook with ease.

Evolution of Controller

The Xbox controller has undergone a number of evolutions, resulting in a smaller, more ergonomic, and touch-sensitive design. This evolution has made the Xbox controller compatible with Chromebooks, allowing it to be used for gaming.

The Xbox One controller works with Stadia and GeForce Now, while the Xbox 360, Xbox One wired, and Xbox One S Bluetooth controllers are also compatible.

To use the Xbox controller with a Chromebook, it must be connected either via USB or Bluetooth. Connecting via USB is a simple process, with the controller being recognized by the Chromebook.

For a wireless connection, however, a driver and application must be installed. By using the USB cable or wireless adapter, the Xbox controller can be connected and enjoyed with gaming on Chromebooks.

Compatibility with Chromebook

Compatibility of certain game controllers with Chromebooks is available. Xbox One controllers work with Stadia and GeForce Now, while Xbox 360, Xbox One wired, and Xbox One S Bluetooth controllers are all compatible with Chromebooks. A table below shows the range of compatibility options for each type of controller:

Controller Type Compatibility
Xbox 360 Yes
Xbox One Wired Yes
Xbox One S Bluetooth Yes
Xbox One Stadia & GeForce Now

Using a controller allows users to enjoy gaming on Chromebooks. To connect an Xbox controller, users may use either a USB cord or Bluetooth to establish a connection. Depending on the type of controller, additional steps such as installing a driver and application may be necessary for a wireless connection.

Connection Steps

To establish a connection, a USB cord or Bluetooth may be employed. Connecting an Xbox controller to a Chromebook can be done in a few steps:

  • Use a USB cord to plug in the controller to the Chromebook
  • Open the Bluetooth menu in the Settings app
  • Press the Pair button on the controller for three seconds
  • Connect controller via USB cable or wireless adapter
  • Install driver and application if necessary

Once the connection is established, users can enjoy gaming on a Chromebook with a compatible controller.

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