How To Open Ports For Ark Survival Evolved Using Port Forwarding

Port forwarding is an important step in playing Ark Survival Evolved online, as it allows data transmission between computers and guarantees correct delivery of data from the game server.

It is necessary to ensure safe and private online activity, reduce latency, and enjoy the game without lag.

This article will discuss how to open ports for Ark Survival Evolved using port forwarding, including the required ports, configuring ports, and the benefits of using port forwarding.

Why Use Port Forwarding?

Port forwarding is necessary for ARK: Survival Evolved as it allows the game to communicate with other players and enables remote access to equipment or services on a private network. It is a process that guarantees the correct delivery of data from the game server.

Furthermore, it allows for remote access to the game from different locations, compensating for latency and providing a smooth gaming experience.

Additionally, port forwarding is required for gaming as it creates a secure tunnel for data transmission and bypasses geographical restrictions. This ensures the privacy and safety of the online activity.

Port forwarding also enhances gaming performance and is a critical part of game optimization.

Required Ports

To enable successful data transmission for online gaming, it is necessary to forward specific ports. The required ports for Ark: Survival Evolved are as follows:

  • TCP ports 25147, 27015, and 27036
  • UDP ports 25147, 27015, and 27031-27036

For PlayStation 4 users, the required ports are:

  • TCP ports 3478-3480
  • UDP ports 3074, 3478-3479

On the other hand, Xbox One users need to forward the following ports:

  • TCP port 3074
  • UDP ports 88, 500, 3074, 3544, and 4500

For Nintendo Switch users, the required ports are:

  • TCP ports 6667, 12400, 28910, 29900, 29901, and 29920
  • UDP ports 1-65535

It is important to understand the ports needed for port forwarding as incorrect port forwarding can cause serious issues.

Configuring Ports

Configuring ports is an important step for successful online gaming. It involves the setup of port forwarding rules, which allow data transmission between computers and provide remote access to equipment or services on a private network.

To forward ports for Ark Survival Evolved, one must first login to the router’s configuration page and locate the port forwarding section. Then, they must create a new port forwarding rule and enter the internal IP address and port number.

The protocol must be selected and the rule enabled. Finally, the changes need to be saved and port scanner tools can be used to check the configuration.

A quality VPN service such as ExpressVPN is necessary to protect the data from interception and manipulation. Additionally, it ensures the safety and privacy of online activities and bypasses geographical restrictions.

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