How To Play Ascent Map In Valorant Complete Guide

Ascent is a popular map in the tactical shooter game, Valorant. It is a balanced map that requires a deep understanding of callouts and layout in order to be successful. Controlling both the A Site and B Site is essential to victory, as the map provides a variety of angles and chokepoints.

This article will provide a comprehensive guide on how to play the Ascent map in Valorant, from mid control to door switches. It will discuss the utility and aggression strategies of the attackers and defenders, as well as the importance of understanding the map layout and callouts.

By the end of this guide, readers should have a strong grasp of the Ascent map and the strategies necessary for successful play.

Map Overview

Ascent is a Valorant map with unique one-way doors that can be closed off by the defending team to expose attackers’ positions. The mid area is crucial for A and B Site access, with defenders playing deep in B Market and rotating from mid through B Link to A Tree.

Door switches on both sites can be activated to close off entryways or cut off angles, with closing the door in A Tree on A Site a key defensive measure. Attackers must be aware of all callouts on the map in order to effectively communicate and strategize.

A Rafters provides good cover and oversight of Spike Site A entry points, while hugging the wall in B Site allows defenders to see anyone leaving Market or B Main. Smoking B Defense Spawn and B Market is required for attackers pushing B Main.

On A Site, quick advancement is essential, with agents like Breach and Omen providing utility and Jett and Raze for aggression. Defending B Site revolves around controlling B Main chokepoint, while Cypher can hold A Site with tripwires. Retaking A Site is easier compared to B Site.

Understanding callouts and map layout is key to success on Ascent.

Mid Control

Mid control is an essential factor in gaining access to both the A and B sites on the Ascent map. Defenders often play deep in B Market, rotating from mid through B Link to A Tree. Controlling the mid area allows attackers to close off one-way doors and manipulate entryways to gain an advantage.

Area Attackers Defenders
B Market Push B Main Rotate from mid
A Tree Close one-way doors Shut doors to expose positions
B Link Smoke B Defense Spawn Hug wall to see anyone leaving Market
Mid Utilize Breach & Omen Sova & Killjoy to control chokes

Door Switches

Door switches on the Ascent map provide a strategic advantage to both attackers and defenders, allowing them to manipulate entryways and close off angles. Attackers can take advantage of these switches to surprise defenders by quickly closing off routes and cutting off angles, while defenders can use them to gain an advantage by blocking off entryways.

These door switches can be found on both sites, and their activation can provide a tactical edge:

  • Doors can be closed from both sides, allowing defenders to block entryways and create angles.
  • Switching doors can provide a defensive advantage, as attackers will be exposed when crossing.
  • Activating switches can also be used to close off angles for defenders on both sites.
  • Closing the door in A Tree on A Site can eliminate one angle attackers can be shot at.
  • Destroying doors is advantageous for defenders, as they can use this to their advantage while pushing.
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