How To Setup Fivem Port Forwarding

Setting up port forwarding for FiveM is an important step for gamers in order to connect to and improve their gaming experience with a FiveM server. This guide will explain how to configure port forwarding, which requires the following information:

  1. The IP address of the user’s router
  2. The IP address of the device running the FiveM server
  3. The TCP and UDP ports to forward

To begin configuring port forwarding for FiveM, follow these steps:

  1. Explore the router’s settings through a web browser.
  2. Enable port forwarding in the router’s settings.
  3. Add a new port forwarding entry, specifying the IP address of the device running the FiveM server and the TCP and UDP ports to forward.

By following these steps, you will successfully configure port forwarding for FiveM, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience.

Find Router IP

Finding the IP address of the router is necessary for setting up FiveM port forwarding. This can be achieved through the Command Prompt on a Windows computer.

To find the router’s IP address, open the Command Prompt window and type in the command ‘ipconfig’. This will show the IP address of your router, which is typically indicated as ‘Default Gateway’.

Once the IP address is obtained, it can be used to access the router’s settings. After logging in, the router’s port forwarding settings can be enabled and the necessary port numbers can be added.

The ports to forward for FiveM are TCP port 30120 and UDP port 30120.

Once the port forwarding is configured correctly, the FiveM server should be accessible from outside the local network. This ensures the best gaming experience and prevents disconnections.

Enable Port Forwarding

Enabling port forwarding requires accessing the router’s settings through a web browser and adding a new port forwarding entry. The following steps should be taken in order to enable port forwarding:

  1. Enter the router’s IP address into a web browser.
  2. Log in to the router’s configuration page with the username and password.
  3. Under the Network Settings tab, select the Port Forwarding option.
  4. Add the new entry for the FiveM server, entering the IP address, TCP and UDP ports, and type of connection.

Once the new entry is saved, the port forwarding is enabled. This will ensure a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience with FiveM.

Set Port Forwarding Entry

Adding a new entry for the port forwarding requires the following information:

  • IP address: The IP address of the device running the FiveM server.
  • TCP port: The TCP port 30120.
  • UDP port: The UDP port 30120.
  • Type of connection: Set to ‘Both’.

After entering the required information, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Save or Apply at the bottom of the page to save the port forwarding entry.

  2. Once the entry is added, it is important to test the port forwarding settings to ensure that the new entry is working correctly.

To test the port forwarding settings:

  1. Connect to the FiveM server from outside the local network.

  2. Check if the server is accessible.

If the server is accessible, it indicates that the port forwarding settings have been successfully configured.

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