How To Use Csgo Replay Controls

CSGO Replay Controls are a set of features that allow players to review their gameplay and create highlight montages. Demo mode can be accessed through the command console or by pressing Shift-F2.

The Demo Playback Window allows players to pause, stop, adjust speed, navigate through time, and fast-forward or rewind one round.

Additionally, GOTV can be used to record samples and create highlight montages. To start recording, use the ‘record’ command, and to end the recording, use the ‘stop’ command.

This article will discuss various aspects of how to use CSGO Replay Controls, including:

  • Accessing Demo Mode
  • Navigating the Demo Playback Window
  • Using GOTV to record samples.

Accessing Demo Mode

Demo mode can be accessed through the command console or by pressing Shift-F2, as noted in the pre-existing knowledge.

To enable the Developer Console, it must be enabled in the Settings > Game > Game menu. Additionally, the console key can be modified in the Settings > Keyboard/Mouse > UI Keys menu.

Once opened, the Demo Playback Window can be toggled, allowing players to control the replay, pause or stop it, adjust the speed, and navigate through time. This includes a slider to navigate through time and arrows to move to the next round or death. The maximum speed is 1000%, and the minimum speed is 10%.

Alternatively, the Demo viewer in the console is faster and has more functions available, such as demo_pause, demo_resume, demo_timescale, demo_gototick, demo_listhighlights, and demo_listimportantticks.

Demo Playback Window

The Demo Playback Window offers several features to enhance the playback experience. These include the ability to regulate playback, alter the speed, and traverse through the demo. The window can be toggled using the ‘demo’ command in the console or by pressing Shift-F2.

Once opened, the window presents a slider that allows users to navigate through the demo. This slider can be used to quickly jump to specific points in the recording.

In addition to the slider, the Demo Playback Window also provides arrows that enable users to move to the next round or death. These arrows offer a convenient way to skip forward or backward in the demo, making it easier to find specific moments of interest.

The speed of the demo can be adjusted using the slider as well. Users have the flexibility to increase the speed up to 1000% or decrease it down to 10%. This feature is especially useful for quickly reviewing gameplay or slowing down fast-paced action for closer analysis.

Furthermore, the Demo Playback Window includes controls to pause or stop the demo. These options allow users to temporarily halt the playback or completely end it, depending on their needs.

Lastly, the window offers a fast-forward and rewind feature that allows users to skip through the demo by one round at a time. This feature is handy for quickly navigating to specific rounds or reviewing gameplay sequences.

GOTV and Recording

GOTV can be employed to create highlight montages and record samples. It can be used to capture game footage from the perspectives of two different teams, or to record a single team’s performance. GOTV also offers a command line for recording videos. The ‘record’ command starts the recording and ‘stop’ command ends it. Additionally, cl_draw_only_deathnotices removes the in-game UI, except for death messages, making it easier to focus on the action.

Command Description
record Starts recording
stop Stops recording
cl_draw_only_deathnotices Removes UI, except for death messages
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