How To Use Director Mode Gta 5 Location, Controlling And More

Grand Theft Auto 5 offers players the ability to use Director Mode on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms. This feature allows players to control non-player characters, modify game rules, and create movies with the Rockstar Editor.

Accessing Director Mode is done through the Interaction Menu in Story Mode or by calling Los Santos Talent or Acting Up. However, some restrictions on locations and activities exist.

Director Mode gives players access to all radio stations, Weazel News bulletins, and UFOs at 100% completion. All weapons and unlimited ammo are available to actors, but mission-related structures cannot be entered.

This article will discuss the features and options of Director Mode, its limitations, and the weapons and gameplay available.

Features and Options

Director Mode offers a variety of features and options:

  • The ability to control other characters and NPCs
  • Choose performers, locations, and other options before starting
  • Cycle through outfits and modify NPC images in the selection menu
  • Access all radio stations

Players can use Director Mode with the Rockstar Editor to create professional clips and movies.

Some limitations and restrictions apply:

  • Masks and face-obscuring accessories cannot be removed once the session begins
  • Certain game map locations reflect the narrative state in Director Mode
  • Certain locations and activities are not available, such as clothing stores, barbershops, and random events
  • All weapons and unlimited ammo are available for actors, but they cannot be found in Ammu-Nation or scattered around the map
  • First-person view is possible with protagonists or individually created Online characters

Director Mode is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


Certain activities and locations cannot be accessed in Director Mode. Players cannot access clothing stores, barbershops, random events, nor can they customize vehicles at Los Santos Customs. Safehouses are accessible, but the Vanilla Unicorn is not. Mission-related structures are also inaccessible. Additionally, the phone can be used as a camera but not to call for assistance.

Some of the limitations of Director Mode include:

  • Cannot access certain locations and activities
  • Cannot customize vehicles at Los Santos Customs
  • Vanilla Unicorn inaccessible
  • Mission-related structures cannot be entered

Weapons and Gameplay

In Director Mode, all weapons and unlimited ammo are available for actors. However, these weapons cannot be found in Ammu-Nation or scattered around the map.

The Director Mode map retains marked points of interest, allowing the director to easily navigate and set up scenes. Additionally, all radio stations are accessible, providing a wide range of music options for the director to choose from.

During gameplay in Director Mode, Weazel News bulletins may air instead of tailored updates, adding a realistic touch to the scenes being created.

If an actor dies during gameplay without invincibility enabled, the session will end. This adds a sense of consequence and realism to the gameplay experience.

Certain iconic sequences, such as the Thelma and Louise sequence and the Ghost of Mount Gordo, still appear in Director Mode, allowing directors to recreate or modify these memorable moments.

At 100% completion, UFOs will appear in Director Mode, adding an element of mystery and intrigue to the scenes being created.

First-person view is possible in Director Mode with protagonists or individually created Online characters. However, it’s important to note that animals cannot use firearms in this mode.

In terms of the game map, certain locations reflect the narrative state in Director Mode. However, it’s worth mentioning that locations specifically designed for GTA Online are not available in this mode.

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