Legendary Wolf Rdr2 Hunting Guide

The Legendary Wolf is a dangerous predator that can be found in the open world of Red Dead Redemption 2. To maximize the rewards and benefits of hunting this creature, it is important to understand the best strategies and techniques.

This guide provides an overview of locating the wolf, hunting strategies, and rewards and benefits associated with this activity. Players will learn how to spot the animal using binoculars or a scope, slow down time using Dead Eye, and how to trade in the pelt for money, crafting options, and Talismans and Trinkets.

With the help of this guide, players will have the best chance at taking down the Legendary Wolf.

Locating the Wolf

The Legendary Wolf in Red Dead Redemption 2 can be located in the Cotorra Springs area of the Grizzlies East region in New Hanover. This area is situated north of Cumberland Forest and is known for its eerie howls at night.

Preparation and planning are essential for success in the hunt for the Legendary Wolf. The environment should be scouted ahead of time and the hunter should be aware of the animal’s behavior and attack patterns. Furthermore, appropriate clothing and supplies should be brought for the current weather conditions, and a cover scent lotion is recommended to mask the hunter’s scent.

Binoculars or a scope can be used to spot the animal from a distance, and it is advised to listen for its calls to locate it. Additionally, Dead Eye should be used to slow down time and aim accurately, and paint targets should be used to ensure a successful hit.

Hunting Strategies

Proper preparation and planning are essential for successfully taking down the animal. When hunting the Legendary Wolf in Red Dead Redemption 2, it is important to consider the following:

  • Equipment:

  • Bring appropriate clothing and supplies for the weather conditions

  • Use cover scent lotion to mask your scent

  • Use binoculars or scope to spot the animal

  • Use a weapon with a scope or paint targets on the animal’s body if having trouble hitting it

  • Use Dead Eye to slow down time and aim accurately

  • Strategies:

  • Listen for the animal’s calls to locate it

  • Be aware of the animal’s behavior and attack patterns

  • Aim for weak spots on the animal’s body

  • Rewards:

  • Take a photo with the killed animal

  • Sell the pelt to a Trapper or Fence for money and crafting options

  • Trade legendary animal parts at the Fence for Talismans and Trinkets

  • Sell the skins to the Trapper to unlock cosmetic gear

Rewards and Benefits

Successfully hunting the animal can provide numerous rewards and benefits. These range from monetary gain to the unlocking of cosmetic gear. Firstly, players can sell the pelt of the Legendary Wolf to a Trapper or Fence for a large sum of money, and the parts of the animal can be traded in for Talismans and Trinkets at the Fence. Skins of the animal can be sold to the Trapper to unlock cosmetic gear such as hats and cloaks. The Legendary Wolf Heart can also be used to craft the Wolf Heart Trinket, which provides players with additional health and stamina.

Reward/Benefit Source Result
Money Fence/Trapper Sell the pelt of the wolf for large sum
Talismans/Trinkets Fence Trade animal parts for Talismans and Trinkets
Cosmetic Gear Trapper Sell skins for hats and cloaks
Wolf Heart Trinket Crafting Craft from Legendary Wolf Heart
Health/Stamina Wolf Heart Trinket Additional health/stamina
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