Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Cards Collection & List

Minecraft Dungeons Arcade is an innovative cooperative dungeon crawler arcade game that utilizes a deck-building mechanic. This game allows players to use physical collectible cards to select gear, pets, and heroes, and to battle mobs and bosses.

This article will provide an overview of the game mechanics, the different card types, and the items featured in Series 1 of the game.

This article will also provide a list of the various weapons, artifacts, and abilities available in the game.

Game Mechanics

The gameplay mechanics in Minecraft Dungeons Arcade involve players using a joystick for movement and performing melee, range, and dodge actions.

Emeralds can be earned by defeating mobs, which can be used to fill up meters for weapon, armor, and pet cards.

Melee weapons offer a 150% damage boost, while ranged weapons have different areas of effect and no cooldown.

Pets aid in attacking mobs and continue to fight after the hero is defeated.

As players progress, mobs become larger and more difficult, culminating in a boss fight at the end of each mission.

Those who complete two missions in a row will then face an exclusive bonus boss fight against the obsidian monstrosity.

Card Types

Various types of cards are featured in Minecraft Dungeons Arcade. These cards can be categorized into melee, range, armor, and artifact cards.

Melee cards consist of swords, axes, and flails. Range cards, on the other hand, include bows and crossbows. Each card has its own unique design and name, making them distinct from one another.

Cards in Minecraft Dungeons Arcade come in different rarities, ranging from common to unique. The rarity of a card determines its availability and power level. For example, unique melee cards include the Heartstealer, while rare melee cards include the Stormlander, Nameless Blade, and Frost Scythe. Similarly, unique range cards include The Pink Scoundrel and Lightning Rod, while rare range cards include Firebolt Thrower and Fortune Spear.

All cards in Minecraft Dungeons Arcade have a holographic foil finish, giving them a visually appealing and collectible quality. These cards are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike, adding value to any collector’s set.

Series 1

Series 1 of the card collection features 23 items in total. It consists of melee, range, and armor cards, as well as one unique card. Melee cards are swords, axes, and flails, with rare cards such as Stormlander, Nameless Blade, and Frost Scythe. Range cards are bows and crossbows, with unique cards like The Pink Scoundrel and Lightning Rod, and rare cards like Firebolt Thrower and Fortune Spear. The unique card is Heartstealer. Each card has a unique design and name.

Card Type Rare Cards Unique Card
Melee Stormlander Heartstealer
Nameless Blade
Frost Scythe
Range Firebolt Thrower The Pink Scoundrel
Fortune Spear Lightning Rod
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