Minecraft Village Builds, Top 5 Designs

Building villages in Minecraft offers players an opportunity to express their creativity. This article will provide an overview of five recommended Minecraft Village Builds, each with their own unique features and requiring different levels of effort and resources.

The Starter Minecraft Village is an easy build for beginners, while the Awesome Minecraft Village features a circular border and diverse houses.

The Fantasy Minecraft Village has circular crops and unique houses, while the Fortified Desert Village is an imposing structure with watchtowers and various dwellings.

Last but not least, the Easy Villager House is a simple and resource-friendly build.

This article will provide an overview of these builds to help players decide which one best suits their needs.

Starter Build

The Starter Minecraft Village is an easy build for beginners that features a selection of building materials and details to create a small and simple village.

It is recommended to find an appropriate terrain, such as a Dark Oak Forest adjacent to a Spruce Forest and swamps.

The village should be small, and the houses should be basic in design.

The structure should include a well and a small animal pen, and the houses should consist of wood and stone blocks.

Decorative items, such as fences, torches, and flowers, can be used to add life to the village.

Additionally, a variety of crops can be planted to supply the villagers with food.

With careful planning and the right materials, the Starter Minecraft Village can be a great way to get started with village building.

Awesome Build

A circular border and diverse houses characterize the Awesome Build. It is a complex build that requires a significant amount of time and effort to complete.

Notable features include:

  • A large fortified structure
  • Houses of various sizes
  • An animal pen

Players need to find suitable terrain for the build, such as a Dark Oak Forest adjacent to a Spruce Forest and swamps.

The following elements make up the Awesome Build:

  • Unique houses with different shapes and sizes
  • A large fortified structure
  • An animal pen with space for horses and other animals

Fantasy Build

Fantasy Build offers a beautiful design with circular crops and unique houses. It utilizes different building materials to recreate an enchanting village atmosphere.

The build features circular crop fields with pathways around them, creating a unique landscape. Village structures such as houses, smithies, and taverns are placed around the crop fields. These structures are constructed with varying materials such as wood, stone, and clay, adding to the village’s charm.

The build also features a small pond and a bridge for added detail.

To create the Fantasy Build, players must have a substantial amount of resources, since it requires many blocks and items. However, the result is worth the effort, as it creates a stunning and creative village.

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