Obey Rocoto Gta 5 Porsche Cayenne Of Theft City

The Obey Rocoto is a luxury crossover SUV released in the Grand Theft Auto 5 game. Taking design cues from the Porsche Cayenne and Audi Q5, the Rocoto features a large body, trapezium-shaped main grille, dual circular headlamps, and triangle-shaped amber signals in the front.

The rear compartment door houses a roof spoiler and rectangular brake lamps, while the wheels resemble LozSpeed Ten rims with medium-profile tires. The Rocoto is powered by a V8 engine with a 5-speed transmission, delivering 40% of power to front axles and the rest to the rear.

It can be purchased for $85,000 and customized at Los Santos Customs, allowing players to personalize the vehicle to their own preferences. With the Rocoto, players can enjoy off-road and on-road performance, and adding it to one’s vehicle collection enhances the gaming experience.

Design Overview

The design of the Obey Rocoto in GTA 5 is heavily influenced by the Porsche Cayenne, with many features taken from the Volkswagen Touareg. Its front has a black section with a rectangular mesh intake in the center, while its main grille is trapezium-shaped with four plastic horizontal elements. The rhomboid-shaped outer intakes are located on either side of the main grille.

The headlamps and taillights are taken from the Touareg, with dual circular headlamps and triangle-shaped amber signals in the front. The sides feature broader formations around the tire arches and lower sides, with black details around the tire arches and skirting region. Silver trim is found around the windows and there are black interior pillars in the cockpit.

The rear compartment door features a roof spoiler and rectangular brake lamps, with a silver strip between the inner brake lamps in the middle. The rear also has rectangular brake lamps beside the license plate, with an Obey logo below the silver strip in the lower area.

Performance and Handling

The performance and handling of the Rocoto offers:

  • Acceleration:

  • Ordinary acceleration

  • Stopping:

  • Poor stopping

  • Damage Resistance:

  • Low damage resistance

  • Wheels:

  • Resembles LozSpeed Ten rims with medium-profile tires

  • AWD Configuration:

  • Maximizes potential for topographical excursions

Customization Options

Customization options for this premium SUV include modifications at Los Santos Customs and in a Vehicle Workshop inside owned properties.

Players can opt to change the color scheme of the vehicle, as well as the wheels.

The body can be customized to have a unique look, while the interior can be changed to suit individual preferences.

Additionally, performance upgrades are also available, such as engine tuning, suspension tuning, and transmission tuning.

Players can also add extra armor for improved protection.

Furthermore, the vehicle can be repaired and stored in properties and garages.

The Mechanic can deliver it to the player’s location.

A unique experience can be obtained by adding the Obey Rocoto to the player’s vehicle collection.

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