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The year 2022 is designated the first flight of the Formula One season.

For those who haven’t had a chance to play the previous games in the series, F1 may not be the ideal option.

As the rules have evolved, so have the cars, and the new Miami International Autodrome has been added to F1. It’s also worth noting that F1 isn’t only a racing simulator; it also has arcade features to appeal to a wider audience. You’ll have a blast if you’ve never played a Codemasters racing game before or have low expectations. After all, racing is what Codemasters does best, and they’ve been doing it for years.

nirvanA Initiative: THE SOMNIUM FILES

First AI: The Somnium Files startled players with its story of gruesome murder and futuristic robots that may have come directly from Inception. However, it also offered an interesting narrative choice and continuity approach.

Consequently, the plot was convoluted at times but incredibly amusing throughout. Fans were drawn to the game’s ensemble of memorable characters as well. This sequel’s announcement was a pleasant surprise; the gameplay is much improved, the story benefits from prior knowledge of the first game, and you get to lead a new group of detectives with plenty of personalities; all in all, this is a good sequel but not one you should rush out and buy right away.