Ranks In Bgmi Ranking System & Tiers

BGMI offers an innovative ranking system to measure success and growth within the game. The ranking system assigns players ranks based on their performance in matches, with higher ranks reflecting higher levels of skill and greater rewards.

The ranking system is comprised of levels, such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond, which are further divided into individual ranks. Climbing through the ranks requires consistent performance and winning matches.

The benefits of climbing ranks in BGMI are plentiful. As players progress through the ranks, they unlock various rewards and benefits. These rewards include avatars, classic crate coupon scraps, parachutes, rating protection cards, C1S1 AUGs, masks, and silver currency.

Avatars are a popular reward that allows players to customize their in-game profile. Classic crate coupon scraps can be collected and used to open classic crates, which contain valuable in-game items. Parachutes are cosmetic items that allow players to showcase their rank and style while descending onto the battleground.

Rating protection cards are valuable items that prevent players from losing rating points in matches, providing a safety net for those who want to maintain their rank. C1S1 AUGs are exclusive weapon skins that can only be obtained by reaching specific ranks.

Masks are another cosmetic reward that players can earn by climbing the ranks. These masks allow players to further personalize their in-game character. Lastly, silver currency is a valuable in-game currency that can be used to purchase various items and upgrades.

Overall, the BGMI ranking system and tiers offer players a sense of progression and achievement. Climbing through the ranks not only showcases skill but also provides valuable rewards and benefits.

Ranks and Levels

BGMI Rank List assigns ranks to players based on their performance in matches, which are grouped into levels such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace, and Conqueror.

Starting with basic ranks like Bronze or Rookie, players earn Rank Points (RP) for playing well in matches. The higher the RP, the higher the rank.

Each rank attained in BGMI comes with rewards, such as Silver Currency for Bronze Tier and C1S1 AUG for Diamond Tier.

The importance of understanding the BGMI Tier Rank List is essential for assessing skill level and provides a sense of accomplishment and motivation for improvement.

Climbing ranks is an indication of talent and performance and encourages growth and skill demonstration.


Rewards are offered for attaining certain levels of skill within the ranking structure.

The Conqueror tier rewards include the Conqueror Avatar Frame, while the Ace Dominator tier rewards include the Ace Dominator Avatar.

The Ace Master tier rewards include the Classic Crate Coupon Scrap, and the Ace tier rewards include an Ace Parachute.

The Crown tier rewards include a Rating Protection Card (1-time), the Diamond tier rewards include a C1S1 AUG, the Platinum tier rewards include a C1S1 Mask, the Gold tier rewards include a C1S1 set, the Silver tier rewards include a Supply Crate Coupon Scrap, and the Bronze tier rewards include Silver Currency.

These rewards are an important part of the BGMI tier ranking system, as they provide players with a sense of accomplishment for reaching higher rankings, and encourage them to continue improving their skills.


Climbing the rankings within the BGMI structure offers players a path to becoming a top player, helping them assess their skill level, set goals, and track their progress in the game. It also serves as an indication of talent and performance, and each rank introduces new challenges and prizes to encourage growth and skill demonstration. The benefits of understanding the BGMI tier rank list are essential for assessing skill level and provide motivation for improvement.

Benefits Importance
Path to becoming a top player Assess skill level
Indicates talent and performance Set goals and track progress
Introduces new challenges and prizes Provide motivation for improvement
Encourages growth and skill demonstration Accomplishment and sense of achievement
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