Tales Of Winter Achievement Guide Telling It How It Is

The Tales of Winter Achievement Guide: Telling it How it Is is a comprehensive guide to completing the popular daily commission quest in Genshin Impact.

With this guide, players can explore the rewards to be gained from completing the quest and the conditions for obtaining the Telling it How it Is achievement.

The guide includes information on exploration and combat achievements, as well as a detailed walkthrough of the quest.

Completion of the quest and achievement reward players with Primogems, Mora, and experience points.

This guide is essential for those wanting to take full advantage of the rewards and achievements offered by the Tales of Winter quest.

Exploration Achievements

Exploration Achievements in Tales of Winter include:

  • Discovering new areas and reaching high points on the map. The game rewards players with Primogems, Mora, and rare items for completing these achievements.

  • Players are required to explore the map and uncover new areas to earn these rewards.

  • To reach high points, players must climb up mountains and observe the landmarks in the area. They can then mark their progress on the map and earn rewards.

  • Furthermore, players must also complete tasks while exploring in order to earn more rewards. Completing these tasks helps players progress in the game and gain more rewards.

  • In addition, exploration achievements also help players progress in the story and unlock new areas.

Combat Achievements

Combat achievements in Genshin Impact include defeating enemies and completing challenges. Players must eliminate specific enemies to obtain certain loot, making combat a necessity when tackling quests.

Challenges can range from simple to difficult, comprising of puzzles and various tasks. Additionally, Viktor’s tasks provide experience points, primogems, and valuable items.

The following are three common combat achievements in Genshin Impact:

  1. Defeat foes
  2. Complete challenges
  3. Complete Viktor’s tasks

Tales of Winter Quest

A popular daily commission quest in Mondstadt, the Tales of Winter quest is known for its beautiful visuals, engaging story, and challenging tasks. It is given by Sister Grace in the Favonius Cathedral and related to winter with multiple routes and tasks.

These tasks involve solving puzzles, finding treasures, and defeating monsters. Completing the quest rewards the player with valuable items and experience points. Additionally, the commission provides additional rewards based on Adventure Rank, such as 2,000 Mora.

The Telling It How It Is achievement, earned by completing the quest three times and choosing all options, rewards the player with 5 Primogems. Players can track progress and claim rewards in the Achievements tab.

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