Vehicle Warehouse Gta 5 Everything You Need To Know

Grand Theft Auto 5 has introduced vehicle warehouses for CEOs, offering a unique way to store and sell cars. There are nine warehouses located in south and east Los Santos, each with three different interior options.

With the addition of these warehouses, CEOs can access the SecuroServ Network through their office computer and store up to 40 stolen cars. Additionally, there are nine car depots available for purchase and a subterranean area for eight new Special Vehicles.

This article will provide an overview of the interior layout, functionality, and usage of vehicle warehouses in GTA 5, as well as miscellaneous information.

Interior Layout

Vehicle warehouses offer a variety of interior layouts, including Basic, Urban, and Branded. These layouts primarily differ in the colors of the walls, floors, and equipment. The Basic option has a rundown appearance, while the Urban option showcases graffiti on the walls. On the other hand, the Branded option provides a cleaner aesthetic, with vehicle brand posters adorning the walls.

Inside the vehicle warehouse, there are several essential features. A dedicated workplace equipped with a laptop allows for efficient management of inventory and operations. Sleeping quarters are available for the convenience of staff members who may need to rest during long shifts. A vending machine ensures that refreshments are easily accessible, while a wardrobe offers storage for personal belongings.

The warehouse also includes a mod shop, where vehicles can undergo maintenance and modification. This facility is equipped with numerous tools and equipment, which change color depending on the chosen interior motif. This attention to detail adds an extra touch of customization to the overall atmosphere of the warehouse.

Furthermore, vehicle warehouses often provide a subterranean area specifically designed for the storage of unique cars. This underground space ensures the security and preservation of these valuable vehicles, adding an additional layer of functionality to the warehouse.

Overall, the interior layout of a vehicle warehouse is thoughtfully designed to accommodate various needs and preferences, while also maintaining a cohesive and visually appealing environment.

Functionality and Usage

  • CEOs can access nine car depots for purchase through SecuroServ Network on the office computer.
  • The warehouses are located in the south and east of Los Santos, with prices varying based on location and ease of import/export.
  • A daily fee of $50 is required for the garage mechanic, and personal vehicles cannot be stored.
  • CEOs can obtain a vehicle warehouse through the Vehicle Cargo option.
  • Up to 40 stolen vehicles can be kept in the warehouse.
  • An underground room is available for eight new Special Vehicles.
  • The only fee for the property is the $50 Garage Mechanic fee.

Miscellaneous Information

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