Woodpecker In Rdr2: How To Hunt It & Where To Find It?

Woodpecker In Rdr2: How To Hunt It & Where To Find It?

Woodpeckers are a type of bird found in the game Red Dead Redemption 2. They are omnivorous birds that eat a variety of items such as insects, fruits, nuts, and berries. Woodpeckers can be hunted using a bow with small game arrows, and their carcasses and feathers can be used for crafting.

This article will discuss the behavior and diet of woodpeckers, offer hunting tips, and provide locations where woodpeckers can be found.

Woodpeckers add to the immersive wildlife experience in Red Dead Redemption 2, and hunting them is a great way to make use of their parts for crafting.

Behavior and Diet

Woodpeckers are omnivores and their diet consists of insects, fruits, nuts, and berries, which they acquire by pecking trees and other objects with their specially adapted beaks. Their pecking behavior produces a unique drumming sound which can be used to locate them.

Woodpeckers are also known to feed on insects such as ants, spiders, and grubs which they find in the bark of trees. Fruits, nuts, and berries are also part of their diet, which they locate in the foliage of trees and bushes. This activity is aided by their strong and pointed beaks, which they use to break open hard shells and dig out the food.

Woodpeckers are opportunistic feeders, and will also eat carrion, eggs, and nestlings of other birds. They have a wide range of habitats, and can be found in forests, woodlands, and even urban areas.

Hunting Tips

Hunting these birds requires the use of a Bow with Small Game Arrows. Aim near the ground as woodpeckers typically feed on insects, fruits, and nuts.

The bow must be drawn and released with precision in order to make a successful kill. If the shot is not accurate enough, the woodpecker will be alerted and fly away.

A successful hit will cause the woodpecker to fall to the ground. The carcass and feathers can be used for crafting.

The feathers can also be used to craft the Eagle Eye Talisman, which increases the range of Eagle Eye. The meat can also be used for cooking recipes such as the bird’s egg omelette.


Red Dead Redemption 2’s diverse ecosystem includes various woodpecker species, which can be located in distinct habitats across the game world. These include:

  • The Red-Bellied Woodpecker in Roanoke Ridge.
  • The Pileated Woodpecker in New Hanover.
  • Woodpeckers commonly found in forests and woodland areas such as Tall Trees, Big Valley, Scarlett Meadows, Cumberland Forest, and Ambarino.

Woodpeckers can also be encountered in:

  • Hennigans Stead.
  • Grizzlies West.
  • Bayou Nwa, although they are less common.

Finally, the Sisika Penitentiary on an island in Flat Iron Lake also hosts woodpeckers, although they are absent in:

  • Cholla Springs.
  • Río Bravo.
  • Gaptooth Ridge.
  • Great Plains.
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